Chat2irc is a simple IRC client that allows people to connect and chat with someone on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) without needing to know or use any IRC commands.

This gives your friends who may have never used IRC, nor want to take the time to learn it, another way to communicate with you. If they know how to use AIM (AOL Instant Messanger), then they can use chat2irc.

Using chat2irc

1. Start chat2irc
2. Click on Edit->Options and type in the nickname you want to use. And the nickname of the person you want to chat with.
3. Click on File->Connect and choose a server such as EFNet then click the connect button.

You will then see it say "Connected." once you successfully connect.

It will also tell you if the person you chose to chat with is currently online.
If they are online you are now ready to send and receive messages from them.

Screen Shots

Main Chat Window
Connection Window
Choosing Nick Names


(Note: This project was started in 2002 and hasn't been touched since.)

Download Windows Self-Installer for windows users or the source code which runs on any platform Here